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Good health is essential for you to continue using the information about the Microsoft Office products that you find at MakeOfficeWork.com in your work. Thus, the mission of MakeOfficeWork.com as stated on the Home Page could not be fulfilled without providing you with some information that will help you to stay healthy and get your work done efficiently for a long long time. You may be wondering how a person who provides useful information about Office could also provide equally useful information about your health. This is possible because people who find innovative solutions to software problems develop an ability to identify the root causes of problems and can use that ability to find solutions to problems in other areas. Progress in solving some health issues is often delayed when the general public does not clearly understand a basic concept and, therefore, cannot make informed decisions that would bring beneficial results. For example, more people would probably avoid food products containing trans fats if they understood the physical meaning of the word trans. If you do not have a clear understanding of the meaning of this word, please read the page about trans fats.

As in the other sections of this website, the pages in this section are designed to provide you the information that you need to know in a consise, easily understood form with links to other sources of additional information. At this time, there is only one MakeOfficeWork.com topic that is related to health, but it is probably the most important page that will ever be offered in this section.

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