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This website does not have all the answers, but it can be the fastest gateway to the information that you need. If you do not quickly see a topic that relates to the issue that brought you here, use the Search Office Sites search box in the banner. The Search Office Sites search box confines your search to a customized list of websites that is sent to Microsoft Bing™ along with your query terms. These websites generally contain the most useful information about the Office products. When your search is limited to these websites, a high percentage of the search results will be related to your issue in Office even if your search terms are not specific to Office and would normally return numerous results that are not related to any Office product. Using the Search Office Sites search box can save you a lot of time.

You may also find the information that you are seeking by using the links to the other resources listed on the right. This list includes links to the Microsoft online help for Excel, the MSDN Library, and websites that provide the content written by experts who have been granted the title of Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft. If you still do not find the information that you are seeking, use one of the links to the Excel forums to submit your question to the large community of users and experts. Almost every question submitted to these forums is answered within an amazingly short time.

Search Office Sites

You can search the websites that have the most useful and valuable information about using Microsoft Office products by using the Search Office Sites search box in the banner. Click to start your search.

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